ICAT 2008
18th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence
December 1-3, 2008
Keio University, Yokohama, Japan

Detailed map

You can find more information about how to come to ICAT 2008 on this document.pdf.


The conference will be held in Keio University, Hiyoshi campus located between Tokyo and Yokohama.

Metro station : Hiyoshi (Tokyu-Toyoko Line)
Address : 4-1-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-8521. (1-minute walk from Hiyoshi Station)
Note : The Limited Express ("Ltd. Express" writen on the train) of the Tokyu Toyoko line does not stop at Hiyoshi Station.

japan metro Tokyo hiyoshi

From Narita Airport, it takes around 1h30 to reach Tokyo's main stations using the Narita Espress. Then, from Shibuya station, it takes around 20 minutes to arrive to Hiyoshi with the Tokyu Toyoko line

We advice you to try to avoid the rush hours.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel in relation with ICAT

You can find some hotel related to ICAT conference on this page.

Other suggestions

  • Hotel combined is a useful website that helps to find accommodations for your travel. This website provides some discound prices for students and academic staff.
  • If it is your first trip in Japan, you can try japanese style hotel with tatami and futon. You can also try to find some ryokan (traditional hotel), but is is more difficult to find in Tokyo.