Conference Program



  • Real-time Ambient Fusion of Commodity Tracking Systems for Virtual Reality
  • A Mutual Motion Capture System for Face-to-face Collaboration
  • Won by a Head: A Platform Comparison of Smart Object Linking in Virtual Environments
  • Facial Performance Capture by Embedded Photo Reflective Sensors on A Smart Eyewear

Beyond Visuals:

  • Tour de Tune – Auditory-game-motor synchronisation in Exergames
  • VibVid: VIBration Estimation from VIDeo by using Neural Network
  • Development of Olfactory Display Using Solenoid Valves Controlled Atomization for High Concentration Scent Emission
  • On the analysis of acoustic distance perception in a head mounted display

Immersion & Interaction:

  • Effect of User Embodiment in Augmented Virtuality Cinematic Experience
  • Evaluating the Effects of Hand-gesture-based Interaction with Virtual Content in a 360 Movie
  • 360° versus 3D Environments in VR Headsets for an Exploration Task
  • An Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Pillar for Exhibitions: A Subjective Exploration
  • Asymmetric Bimanual Interaction for Mobile Virtual Reality

Avatars & Agents:

  • Real-time Visual Representations for Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration
  • Effects of Personalized Avatar Fidelity on Identity Recognition in Virtual Reality
  • Viewpoint Dependent Appearance Manipulation with Multiple Projector Camera Systems
  • User Interface Agents for Guiding Interaction with Augmented Virtual Mirrors


  • Enjoyment, Immersion, and Attentional Focus in a Virtual Reality Exergame with Differing Visual Environments
  • Archives of Thrill: The V-Armchair Experience
  • Evaluating and Comparing Game-controller based Virtual Locomotion Techniques
  • Ethical Considerations for the Use of Virtual Reality. An Evaluation of Practices in Academia and Industry

The Eyes Have It:

  • Assessing the Relevance of Eye Gaze Patterns During Collision Avoidance in Virtual Reality
  • Dwarf or Giant: The Influence of Interpupillary Distance and Eye Height on Size Perception in Virtual Environments
  • Moving Towards Consistent Depth Perception in Stereoscopic Projection-based Augmented Reality
  • Exploring Pupil Dilation in Emotional Virtual Reality Environments

Applications & Collaborations:

  • Sharing Gaze for Remote Instruction
  • A New Approach to Utilize Augmented Reality on Precision Livestock Farming
  • Collaborative View Configurations for Multi-user Interaction with a Wall-size Display
  • Improving Collaboration in Augmented Video Conference using Mutually Shared Gaze

Graphics & Metrics:

  • Towards Precise, Fast and Comfortable Immersive Polygon Mesh Modelling: Capitalising the Results of Past Research and Analysing the Needs of Professionals
  • Fast and Accurate Simulation of Gravitational Field of Irregular-shaped Bodies using Polydisperse Sphere Packings
  • 3D Reconstruction of Hand Postures by Measuring Skin Deformation on Back Hand
  • Reference Framework on vSRT-method Benchmarking for MAR


  • A Gaze-depth Estimation Technique with an Implicit and Continuous Data Acquisition for OST-HMDs
  • Social Dining Experience using Mixed Reality for Older Adults
  • A Projection-Based Augmented Reality Setup for Blended Museum Experiences
  • Can The Face Swapping Technology Facilitate Mental Imagery Training?
  • Automatic Face Texture Generation from Irregular Texture in 3-D Character Creation Applications
  • An Adaptive AR Tutor For Cabling a Network Topology
  • Electrical Stimulation Method Capable of Presenting Visual Information Outside the Viewing Angle
  • Continuous Dial User Interaction to Reduce Task Complexity in Designing Physical User Interfaces in Spatial Augmented Reality
  • A Haptic Augmented Virtuality System for Immersive VR Plant Training
  • Holo Worlds Infinite: Procedural Spatial Aware AR Content
  • Selecting Moving Targets in AR using Head Orientation
  • Comparative Evaluation of Sensor Devices for Micro-Gestures
  • 3D Ground Reaction Force Visualization onto Training Video for Sprint Training Support System
  • Tablet Fish Tank Virtual Reality: a Usability Study
  • Tactile Representation of Image in a Plane Actuator
  • 3D Model Deformation in VR Using CUBE
  • A Pilot Study of Altering Depth Perception with Projection-Based Illusions


Long Papers: 25 minutes (20-22 minutes for presentation + 3-5 mins of questions)
Short Papers: 15 minutes(12 minutes for presentation + 3 mins of questions)
Aspect ratio is 16:9