The ICAT-EGVE 2017 conference invites submissions for live demonstrations.

The demonstration track is the hands-on part of the conference for showing your work and engaging with the ICAT-EGVE attendees. Your demonstration can take the shape of a live, interactive demo, a lab/corporate exhibition, or any combination of these in the areas of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Tele-Existence and 3D User Interface and interaction paradigms!

Research demonstrations will be open to general public, so they must be relevant for the scientific community and have appeal to the general public.

Important Dates

Submission deadline:             20th 27th October 2017

Acceptance notification:        27th October 2017

Submission Format

The demonstrations have to be accompanied by a 2-page description. The description will be peer reviewed. Authors of accepted demos will have their demo descriptions published in the proceedings and published and indexed by the EUROGRAPHIS digital library. The description has to follow standard scientific qualities as well as the format as expected for regular submissions.

Your submission must include the following materials and information:

  • Basic submission information, including names, affiliations, contact information, and the title of the demo.
  • A 2-page demo description showing your contribution and describing what the user will experience and/or distinct features of the demo. The description has to follow the EUROGRAPHICS format and will be published in the proceedings.  A ​sample LaTeX document​ is available, or a Word template.
  • A 1-page (max) requirement description of your demonstration setup, including space, size, electrical, networking, lighting, and sound requirements. Make sure to include any detail you think is important to make sure your demo will be a success. You should also mention logistic issues such as time required to install and pack the demo, number of people required to set up and/or present the demonstration. There is no official format for this document
  • Supplementary materials like videos are welcome.

Please submit your text materials to <>. For material larger than 6 MB please upload it to an accessible site and submit the download link together with your submission.

Research Demonstration Chairs

Arindam Dey (Empathic Computing Laboratory, UniSA)