International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (icat)

About ICAT

ICAT (International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence) is the oldest international conference on Virtual Reality and Telexistence, started in 1991. ICAT is open to all who are interested in this field. ICAT has had many speakers from all over the world presenting their latest research. Since 2000, ICAT has been held in various countries in the world, including Asia, Oceania, and Europe.

Artificial Reality (AR) is the advanced reality that has been artificially synthesized, artificially enhanced, or artificially extended, which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Telexistence, on the other hand, refers to the concept and technology that enables human beings to have a real-time sensation of being at a place other than where they actually exist and being able to interact with a remote environment, which may be real, virtual, or a combination of both.

AR and Telexistence augment human ability in perception, understanding, action, time and space. They also enable humans seemingly to be everywhere at the same time, i.e., enable humans to be virtually ubiquitous.

The history of ICAT is summarized in the following file.


  • 2023: Dublin, Ireland (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chairs: Michael Manzke and John Dingliana
  • 2022: Yokohama, Japan (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chair: Maki Sugimito
  • 2021: Virtual (originally Sankt Augustin, Germany) (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chairs: Ernst Kruijff & Andre Hinkenjann
  • 2020: Virtual (originally Orlando, USA) (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chair: Gerd Bruder
  • 2019: Tokyo, Japan (as ICAT-EGVE): General Chair Masahiko Inami
  • 2018: Limassol, Cyprus (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chair: Despina Michael-Grigoriou
  • 2017: Adelaide, Australia (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chairs: Mark Billinghurst & Ross Smith
  • 2016: Little Rock, USA (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chairs: Carolina Cruz-Neira & Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
  • 2015: Kyoto, Japan (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chairs: Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Dirk Reiners & Anthony Steed
  • 2014: Bremen, Germany (as ICAT-EGVE); General Chairs: Gabriel Zachmann, Carolina Cruz-Neira & Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
  • 2013: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 2012: Madrid, Spain (as ICAT-EGVE-EuroVR); Genera Chair: Yoshifumi Kiatamura
  • 2011: Osaka, Japan; General Chair: Haruo Takemura
  • 2010: Adelaide, Australia; General Chairs: Bruce H. Thomas & Hirokazu Kato
  • 2009: Lyon, France (as ICAT-EGVE-EuroVR); General Chairs: Sabine Coquillart, Carolina Cruz-Niera, Dennis Saluaar & Yoshifumi Kitamura
  • 2008: Yokohama, Japan; General Chairs: Hideo Saito & Kenichi Okada
  • 2007: Esbjerg, Denmark; General Chairs: Anthony L. Brooks & Yasushi Ikei
  • 2006: Hanzhou, China; General Chairs: Zhigeng Pan & Hideo Saito
  • 2005: Christchurch, New Zealand; General Chairs: Mark Billinghurst & Haruo Takemura
  • 2004: Seoul, Korea; General Chairs: Hyun Seung Yang, Hyoung Gon Kim & Susumu Tachi
  • 2003: Tokyo, Japan; General Chairs: Susumu Tachi & Michitaka Hirose
  • 2002: Tokyo, Japan; General Chairs: Susumu Tachi & Michitaka Hirose
  • 2001: Tokyo, Japan; General Chairs: Susumu Tachi & Michitaka Hirose
  • 2000: Taipei, Taiwan; General Chairs: Ming Ouhyoug & Susumu Tachi
  • 1999: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1998: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1997: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1996: Chiba, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1995: Chiba, Japan (as ICAT/VRST); General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1994: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1993: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1992: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi
  • 1991: Tokyo, Japan; General Chair: Susumu Tachi

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ICAT International Steering Committee

  • Susumu Tachi (The University of Tokyo, Japan) [Chair] BIOTachi_Lab
  • Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (NAIST, Japan) [Vice Chair] BIOCARE_Lab
  • Mark Billinghurst (University of South Australia , Australia) BIO ECL
  • Haruo Takemura (Osaka University, Japan) BIO
  • Hideo Saito (Keio University, Japan) BIO
  • Sabine Coquillart (INRIA, France) BIO
  • Yoshifumi Kitamura (Tohoku University) BIO
  • Bruce H. Thomas (University of South Australia, Australia) BIO IVE
  • Gabriel Zachmann (University of Bremen, Germany) BIO CGVR
  • Carolina Crutz-Neira (University of Central Florida, USA) BIO VARLAB
  • Anthony Steed (University College London, UK) BIO LAB
  • Dirk Reiners (University of Central Florida, USA) BIO VARLAB
  • Ross T Smith (University of South Australia, Australia) BIO WCL
  • Despina Michael-Grigoriou (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus) BIO GET_Lab
  • Masahiko Inami (The University of Tokyo, Japan) BIO Inami_Lab
  • Gerd Bruder (University of Central Florida, USA) BIOSREAL
  • Ernst Kruijff (H-BRS, Germany) BIO IVC
  • Andre Hinkenjann (H-BRS, Germany) BIO IVC
  • Maki Sugimoto (Keio University, Japan) BIO IM_Lab
  • Michael Manzke (The University of Dublin, Ireland) BIO Lab
  • John Dingliana (The University of Dublin, Ireland) BIO Lab

*The committee is composed of members who have experience as General Chairs.
**The role of the committee is to explore the future direction of ICAT for the development of this field. The committee is also responsible for deciding where the next and subsequent ICAT-EGVEs will be held and who will be the General Chair.

ICAT Fellow

  • Michitaka Hirose (The University of Tokyo, Japan) BIO
  • Ming Ouhyoung (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) BIOCMLab
  • Hyun Seung Yang (KAIST, Korea) BIO
  • Anthony L. Brooks (Aalborg University, Denmark) BIOSensoramaLab
  • Yasushi Ikei (The University of Tokyo, Japan) BIOIKEI VR Lab
  • Hirokazu Kato (NAIST, Japan) BIO IMD_Lab

*The title of "ICAT Fellow" is conferred in recognition of the achievements and contributions of those who have served as ICAT ISC members for many years and have resigned as ISC members.