General Information

ICAT-EGVE 2021 is the merger of the 31th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT 2021) and the 26th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments (EGVE 2021). Together, these are two of the oldest international conferences in the world on Artificial Reality and Virtual Environments, and provide a unique opportunity for researchers, developers, and users to share their experience and knowledge of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D User Interfaces.

The ICAT-EGVE 2021 conference will be held September 8-10 as an online conference, enabling virtual participation only. The conference will be co-located with the 18th workshop on VR/AR organized by the working group of the German informatics society.

We invite the submission of PapersPosters and Demonstrations describing novel research ideas, work in progress, recently completed work, preliminary results, or unusual systems and applications. ICAT-EGVE 2021 seeks inspiring submissions describing research, applications or systems in all areas of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Telexistence, and 3D User Interfaces, e.g., the following non-exhaustive list of more specific areas:

●      3D interaction for VR/AR/MR

●      VR/AR/MR systems and toolkits

●      User studies and evaluation for VR/AR/MR

●      Telexistence, Telepresence and Teleimmersion

●      Haptics, audio, and other non-visual modalities

●      Serious games and edutainment using VR/AR/MR

●      Presence, cognition, and embodiment in VR/AR/MR

●      Novel devices (both input and output) for VR/AR/MR, and haptics

●      Multi-user and distributed VR/AR/MR, Teleimmersion and Telepresence

●      Immersive projection technologies and other advanced display technologies

Submissions in other related areas are welcome too.

See our Call for Paper