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All paper presentations, whether long or short paper, will be 15 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes Q and A. More information and technical details about the presentation style will be provided soon.

All times are CEST

Wed 8th Thu 9th Fri 10th

09:00 Opening Session

(Keynote Room)

09:00 Keynote 2: Akihiko Shirai

(Keynote Room)

09:00 Keynote 3: Michael Kramer

(Keynote Room)

09:20 Keynote 1: Mel Slater

(Keynote Room)

10:00 Break 10:00 Break
10:20 Break 10:10 Paper Session 3 (chair: Ernst Kruijff, ICAT-EGVE session room) 10:10 Paper Session 4 (chair: André Hinkenjann, ICAT-EGVE session room)
10:30 Paper Session 1 (chair: Benjamin Weyers, ICAT-EGVE session room) 11:10 Break 11:10 Break
11:30 Break 11:20 Demo / Poster Session (Posters & Demos room) 11:20 Awards and Closing Session

(Keynote Room)

13:00 Paper Session 2 (chair: Jason Orlosky, ICAT-EGVE session room) 12:00 Break 11:45 End of Conference
14:00 End 12:45 Virtual Reception



Session 1: Education and Immersion

  • Walking through virtual doors: A study on the effects of virtual location changes on memory, Author(s): Watson, Paul

  • A Long-Term User Study of an Immersive Exergame for Older Adults with Mild Dementia during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Author(s): Kruse, Lucie; Karaosmanoglu, Sukran; Rings, Sebastian; Ellinger, Benedikt; Apken, Daniel; Mangana, Thandiwe Feziwe; Steinicke, Frank

  • Procedurally Generated Age-Related Visual Deficits in VirtualReality Environments, Author(s): Zavlanou, Christina;

Session 2: VR, Memory and Cognition

  • Mathematics Input for Educational Applications in Virtual Reality, Author(s): Sansonetti, Luigi; Chatain, Julia; Caldeira, Pedro; Fayolle, Violaine; Kapur, Manu; Sumner, Robert;

  • User-Centered Design of Immersive Research Application for Understanding Written Artefacts, Author(s): Gabel, Jenny; Berns, Christof; Bosch, Sebastian; Eickmeyer, Jost; Harter-Uibopuu, Kaja; Martin, Nathalie; Osthof, Ann Lauren; Steiger, Johann Anselm; Steinicke, Frank

  • [Honorable Mentioned] Deep Learning on Eye Gaze Data to Classify Student Distraction Level in an Educational VR Environment, Author(s): Asish, Sarker Monojit; Hossain, Ekram ; Kulshreshth, Arun; Borst, Christoph;

Session 3: Interaction and Applications

  • Projection Alignment Correction for In-Vehicle Projector-Camera System, Author(s): Amano, Toshiyuki; Kagawa, Taichi;

  • Virtual Hippotherapy for the Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis, Author(s): Rösner, Daniel; Brunnett, Guido;

  • A Tabletop for the Natural Inspection of Decorative Surfaces, Author(s): Kindsvater, Anton; Eibich, Tom David; Weier, Martin; Hinkenjann, André

Session 4: Feedback and Registration

  • Compelling AR Earthquake Simulation with AR Screen Shaking, Author(s): Chotchaicharin, Setthawut; J. Schirm; N. Isoyama; D. V. Monteiro; H. Uchiyama; N. Sakata, and K. Kiyokawa

  • [Best Paper] Electrotactile Feedback For Enhancing Contact Information in Virtual Reality, Author(s): Vizcay, Sebastian; Kourtesis, Panagiotis; Argelaguet, Ferran; Pacchierotti, Claudio; Marchal, Maud

  • Immersive Volumetric Point Cloud Manipulation for Cultural Heritage, Author(s): Drissi, Rafik Abdelmalek; Gaugne, Ronan; nicolas, theophane; Gouranton, Valérie

Poster Session:

  • Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic GUIs: What do Virtual Reality Players Prefer? Authors: F. Saling, D. Bernhardt , A. Lysek and M. Smekal
  • Estimating the Pose of a Medical Manikin for Haptic Augmentation of a Virtual Patient in Mixed Reality Training, Authors: David Scherfgen and Jonas Schild
  • [Best Poster] The Spectare device for experiencing stereoscopic photographs, Authors: D. Taipina and J. C. S. Cardoso
  • Indirect User Guidance by Pedestrians in Virtual Environments, Authors: Andrea Bönsch, Katharina Güths, Jonathan Ehret and Torsten W. Kuhlen
  • Evaluation of Optimization Strategies for Synchronization of Fine Motor Movements in Distributed Real-Time Systems, Authors: A. S. Pavlov, J. H. Israel and S. Keppler

Information on the keynote speakers can be found here.

Program of the GI VR/AR can be found here.